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About Us

"Beautiful, Harmonious, Happy and Centennial New United Group" is not only a slogan, it also requires irrigation of everyone in New United Group with wisdom, painstaking effort and sweat. Let us raise the innovative sailing, sway reform twin oars, specify new ideas, seek new development and achieve a new leap forward, unite forces to create first –class brand and promote the overall development, work hard for opening new situation of New United Group, and make greater contribution to strengthening Chinese equipment manufacturing industry and developing the local economy.
Looking back at the past, we always held; looking ahead, we will continue.

In spite of difficulties in early times, such as the rough of the second venture, the trials and tribulations during development, we have always maintained a keen sense of smell, and fighting spirit and innovative power.

We have been always sticked to mechatronics, to high-tech equipment manufacturing, and adhered to the sophisticated development goals through our development.

We have expanded the business fields to rail transportation, new energy, CNC, modern logistics, office equipment and aerospace. Persist in researching and developing the core technologies, we have achieved break through during self-improvement.

Now, face up to the complex domestic and international situation, such as the increasingly fierce global market competition, the rapid social development, the technological progress and industrial integration, we'll adhere to our development concept, centering on scientific and technological research. While improving quality assurance and service security system, we'll expand large-scale system integration and external item contract projects.

It's time that we constantly enhance our core competitiveness to perform our social responsibilities and participate in creating harmonious culture for a better prospect. 

Zhou Licheng
Chairman of New United Group

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