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New United (Jiangsu) Energy Source Logistics Co., ltd. is an integrated logistics company mainly engaged in modern services, is a "manufacturing and service industry linkage" business model granted by national eight ministries and commissions jointly, and is also the management subject of manufacturing and service industry linkage park which covers the area of about 400,000m2, With the construction area of about 200,000 m2.

The park consists of express logistics staging area, metal material trading area, precision machine area, e-commerce business area, customs supervision area and living service area, and is a high-end service platform highly integrating modern logistics functions and ranges.

Business Scope
Warehousing services, cargo agents, general cargo, large object transportation; coal wholesale business. Engaged in cargo handling, lightering and warehousing operations in the port area.

Main channel of Sunan Canal, meets 1000-ton boat operation demand over the year, with the annual throughput of 2 million tons.

Large equipment transport fleet and bulky system electronic platform.

Logistics Subsidiaries

New United (Jiangsu) Energy Source Logistics Co., Ltd.

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