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Railway and Mobility

It is composed of a number of core subsidiaries, engaged in the development and production/supporting of rail transportation products; It's mature product series include propulsion & driving system, signaling system, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) System, and assorted equipments of gears &driving system, traction motor, etc. The products have been widely equipped in the fields of high-speed EMU, locomotive and different urban mass transit systems of metro, monorail, tram, APM(Automated People Mover), etc. In recent years, the subsidiaries to Railway & Mobility Business Section have raised to a dominant group in the industry of railway, proving the best products and services for customers in China.

1. Railway and Mobility Products Layout On Train
Pressure wave protection system
Cab air conditioning unit
Traction transformers, converters
Signalling system
Air condition unit in car
Traction motor
Gear driving system
Steel aluminum composite conductor rail

2. Main Achievements

Railway and Mobility Subsidiaries

New United Rail Transit Tech Co., Ltd. (NURT)

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