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CNC Machine

Shinri CNC is a large-scale manufacturing enterprise in China. It brings together four brands of Shinri, Changcheng, Duoleng and Changjian. The scope of business covers: precision CNC machine tool, precision casting, precision gearbox design and manufacture, electronic consumer goods processing, aviation precision components processing and so on.

Shinri CNC machine tool business integrated twelve series of CNC products of three brands including the Shinri, Changcheng and Duoleng; the Products not only have good market at home, but also exported to the United States, Canada, Britain, Germany, Russia, Brazil, Egypt, South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Pakistan and India. 
The Shinri machine tools are widely used in many fields, such as automotive, electronics, new energy source, rail transportation, aerospace, engineering machinery, petrochemical industry, mold manufacturing, vocational education, etc.

CNC Machine Tool Product Lines
Vertical and Horizontal Machining Center Series
Vertical and Horizontal CNC Lathe /Turning Center Series 
Gantry and Floor Type CNC Boring And Milling/Machining Center /Five-Sided/Five-Axis Series 
Intelligent Manufacturing Cell/ Intelligent Manufacturing System

1. LG32 Full Functional CNC Lathe/Turning Center
2. XK2420 Fixed Beam Gantry CNC Boring and Milling Machining Center 
3. GF Series Small Gantry Machining  Center
4. Ha63 Horizontal Machining Center 
5. V55 Rail Line Vertical Machining Center
6. LG40 CNC Lathe 
7. LS200 CNC Lathe 
8. LG250Y LG High Performance CNC Lathe/Turning Center

Gear box business

Gearbox products are consisted of rail gearbox, wind power gearbox, industrial gearbox, robotic reduction gearbox. Relying on the technical advantages of Changzhou Reducer Factory and the strength of equipment manufacturing, together with the influence of New United Group, we are striving to build a globally competitive gearbox manufacturing enterprise.

Standard gearbox, non-standard gearbox, planetary gearbox, high-power vertical mill gearbox, high-speed set-up gearbox for centrifuge turbomachine applied to metallurgy, building materials, coal, electric Power, mining, petrochemical, energy and other industries.

3C consumer electronics processing business
3C business was established in2016, and is committed to providing customers with original equipment manufacturing and original design and manufacturing services. Currently, the department as capabilities of customization and development for the consumer electronics products, the second category of medical products, auto parts, Products are in line with the standards by relevant international organization. At the same time, the capabilities of R&D, production and service support are still constantly improving. The factory covers an area of about 50,000 square meters, and the total floorage will reach 550mu after the FATP establishment, which has capabilities to provide comprehensive and complete component design, production, assembly, testing and warehousing and delivery, as an integrated manufacturing plant.
The departments rely on the profound culture of New United Group, and constantly explore technological superiority, keen on innovation, strengthen management, to provide customers with specialized solutions.

Aviation precision machining business
Aviation precision machining mainly engaged in the R&D, production and manufacturing operations of aviation precision components. We have a number of international advanced processing equipment, relying on the rapid development of domestic aviation industry, the requirements of domestic aviation manufacturers on aircraft parts and components, as well as technical cooperation from long-term partner-Canada Bombardiers, aviation precision machining business will soon occupy the forefront of domestic similar enterprises.


CNC Machine Subsidiaries

Jiangsu Shinri Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

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