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1. Overview
The EMC laboratory of New United Group Co. Ltd. is located in Wujin High-tech Zone, Changzhou, Jiangsu, and it is adjacent to Beijing Shanghai railway, Shanghai Nanjing Expressway, Expressway along the Yangtze River, and adjacent to the Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal; therefore, its geographical position is superior, and the traffic is very convenient. 
The laboratory was founded in 2002, covering a total area of 2000 square meters. the shielding chamber and semi anechoic chamber are imported from the Frankonia of Germany; all the testing instruments are imported from R&S company of Germany and EM TEST of Switzerland, and the total investment is 35 million yuan.  

The laboratory consists of the following parts: one 10m semi anechoic chamber (24m×18m×9m—L × W × H), one shielding control room (8m × 3.5m × 3m), one shielding amplifier room (4m × 3.5m x×3m), one shielding test room (8m × 5.5m × 3m  &  8m × 4m × 3m).  

The scale, testing ability (frequency range of the power amplifier and receiver) and level of the laboratory are in the domestic leading level; the diameter of turntable is 5 meters, its load is 8 tons, and the darkroom door is 4m * 4m. This is the Accredited Laboratory (No L1788) by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment, and is also one of the main member units of Jiangsu electromagnetic compatibility testing center.

Laboratory performance meets the following criteria: GB12190;IEC61000-4-3;CISPR22, semi anechoic chamber is used for radiation interference test and immunity experiment within the frequency range of 9kHz~18GHz; and the shielding room is used for conducted immunity test. 

The electromagnetic compatibility laboratory strictly abides by the national laws and regulations, fully meets the requirements of the document system established by the ISO/IEC17025, and pays attention to social benefits and customer satisfaction.

Testing capability covers household appliances, electric tools, information technology equipment, industrial scientific equipment, railway vehicles, electrical equipment of rolling stock, electrical and electronic components of vehicle, electric vehicles, engineering vehicles (forklifts, loaders, excavators, etc.), frequency converter, UPS, photovoltaic inverter, photovoltaic controller, medical electrical equipment and other products.

2. Main equipment in laboratory 
1, EMI instrument
EMI test receiver ESIB26 20Hz~26.5GHz
Signal source 1 ~ 20GHz frequency resolution 1KHz pulse modulation / frequency scanning function 
Ultra wideband antenna 30MHz~3000MHz 
Double ridged waveguide horn antenna 1GHz~18GHz 
Absorbing clamp 30MHz~1000MHz  50Ω
Loop antenna 9kHz~30MHz  –40~140dBuV/m
Rod antenna 9kHz~30MHz
Special power supply network for automobile parts (9kHz~108MHz)
Three-phase power network ENV4200 (200A/400V)
V-network NNBL8226 (100A/800V)
Voltage probe ESH2-Z3 (400V)
2, EMS instrument
Signal source 9kHz~1.1GHz FM / AM / PM 
CW power amplifier 1000W/1000A 
E field probe 1MHz~4.2GHz 0.5~800V/m
High gain log-periodic antenna 20MHz~1300MHz 
Directional coupler 1500W
Conducted interference simulator 
ESD Simulator 
Capacitive coupling clamp 
Surge Generator (UCS500) 

3. Laboratory personnel ability
One CNAS lab reviewers and more experienced senior engineers.

4. Laboratory testing ability
Testing products:  
1. EN55011/GB4824 Measurement methods and limits for electromagnetic disturbance characteristics of industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) radio frequency equipment 
2. EN55022/GB9254 Limits and measurement methods of radio interference for information technology equipment 
EN55024/GB/T17618 Limits and measurement methods of immunity to interference of information technology equipment 
3. EN55014-1/GB4343.1 Requirements for household appliances, electric tools and similar appliances - part 1: emission 
EN55014-2/GB4343.2 Requirements for household appliances, electric tools and similar appliances - Part 2: immunity to interference
4. EN50121-3-2/TBT3034 Electromagnetic compatibility test and limit value of electric equipment for rolling stock 
5. EN12895-2000 Industrial vehicle electromagnetic compatibility 
6. CISPR25/GB18655Radio disturbance characteristics and measurement methods for the protection of vehicle mounted receivers
7. SAE J551-5JAN2004/GBT18387 Limits and measurement methods of electromagnetic disturbance for electric vehicles 
8. GBT17619 Limits and measurement methods of electromagnetic radiation immunity to interference for electronic components of motor vehicles
9. CISPR12/GB14023 Limits and measurement methods of radio disturbance for vehicles, motor boats and spark ignition drives
10. EN61326/GB18268 Electromagnetic compatibility requirements for measurement, control and laboratory equipment 
11. EN62040-2/GB7260.2 Uninterrupted power system (UPS) second part: electromagnetic compatibility 
12. EN12015 Electromagnetic compatibility elevator, escalator and conveyor products standard emission
13. EN12016 Electromagnetic compatibility elevator, escalator and conveyor products standard immunity to interference 
14. EN61000-3/-4/GB17799.3/.4 Electromagnetic compatibility general standards for residential, commercial / industrial environment emission standards 
15. EN61000-1/-2/GB17799.1/.2 Electromagnetic compatibility general standards for residential, commercial environment / industrial environment immunity to interference 
16. EN60601/YY0505 Electromagnetic compatibility requirements for medical electrical equipment 
17. 2006/28/EC、2004/104/EC、2008/104/EC、75/322/EC、97/24/EC Instruction involving products

Test items:
1. Radiated disturbance (9kHz~18GHz)
2. Radiated immunity (200V/m)
3. Conducted disturbance voltage (9kHz~108MHz)
4. Disturbance power (30MHz~300MHz)
5. Electrostatic discharge (IEC61000-4-2/GB17626.215kV)
6. Electrical fast transient burst (IEC61000-4-4/GB17626.4 6.6kV)
7. Surge (IEC61000-4-5/GB17626.5 6.6kV)
8. Conducted immunity (IEC61000-4-6/GB17626.6)
9. Power frequency magnetic field immunity (IEC61000-4-8/GB17626.8)
10. Pulse magnetic field immunity (IEC61000-4-9/GB17626.9)
11. Voltage fluctuation and voltage dips (IEC61000-4-11/GB17626.11)
12. Ringing wave (IEC61000-4-12/GB17626.12)
13. Harmonics (IEC61000-3-2/EN 61000-3-2/GB17625.1)

5. Power capability, load capacity
1, Can provide the following power: 
A) DC power supply (0~1000) V/2000kW;
B) AC power 400V, 690V, 1500V, 3000V, maximum current 2000A.
2, The maximum load capacity: 2000kW 

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