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New Energy

Group's new energy business includes wind power generation, distributed energy, coal-bed methane extraction and utilization, etc. The Group is engaged in proving the global customers with various scientific, effective, economical and reliable new energy products relying on its numerous capital investment, strong R&D strength and perfect after-sales service.

1.General View of New Energy Business

2.Wind Power Generation Business

Wind power generation business includes the development, investment and construction of wind farms. Since the Group entered the wind power industry in 2005, it has developed a 1.5WM double-fed, 2.0 MW direct drive type, 3.0 MW direct drive semi and other types of wind generating sets, with mass production; while it produce and sale of wind generating set blades, generators, converters, gear boxes, control systems, tower and other parts for supporting, with the annual production capacity of 1 million kilowatts.

1.5MW double-fed VSCF wind turbine
2MW permanent magnet direct drive wind turbine
3MW permanent magnet semi-direct-drive wind turbine
Independent production of blades, generators, converters. gear boxes, control systems and tower for supporting

3. Wind farm On-Site Hoisting

Part of Domestic and Foreign Wind Farm Projects
With strong overall R&D capabilities, flexible cooperation mode, and mature after-sales service team, the Group successfully opened the international and domestic markets.
Currently, about 300 sets of wind generating sets has been sold worldwide, with the cumulative installed capacity of approximately 450MW, in six countries and regions worldwide.

4. Distributed Energy Business

Distributed energy business mainly includes the development, investment and construction of distributed energy projects, as well as manufacturing and installation of distributed energy equipment. It mainly promotes gas cogeneration technologies, which can improve the total energy use efficiency of 80% with cascade utilization of energy sources. It is suitable for urban complex, hospitals, hotels, industrial parks, university town and other heat load concentrated area.

Multi-Energy Input, Fuel Conversion, Microminiature Power, Cooling and Heating Cogeneration Technology, Multi-Energy Output, Residence, Industry, Hospital, Commerce.

5. Coal-Bed Gas Business
The Group is specialized in the coal-bed gas business, mainly including the development, investment and mining of unconventional gas projects, mainly related to exploration, development, investment and sales of coal-bed gas and shale gas projects, as well as development, technology transfer and consulting of oil and gas equipment software technology, extraction and comprehensive ultilization of coal gangue, etc.

New Energy Subsidiaries

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